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After the first day of the convention wrapped, the movers and shakers of the party got together for a fancy gala. They let the plebeians buy tickets too. I did that. A few things that happened:

1. I got to meet Patty Murray. I know a lot of people dislike her. I don’t know why. She’s awesome. We got to talk about the recent filibuster.


2. Tom Perez is an amazing speaker. +1 for him being vice president.

3. The shunning of Hillary supporters did not carry through to dinner. But then again we greatly outnumbered the Sanders supporters at the dinner.


4. The head of the state Jewish Caucus laid some serious shade on Sanders supporters going all #NeverHillary and stuff. It was awesome. They were unamused.

5. Can I talk about Tom Perez again. OMG, such fire and passion and truths and ug, I’ll vote for him.


6. There was no dessert. Let me say that again. NO DESSERT. WTF kind of gala was that?

After the gala the politicos get down in hospitality suites at the convention hotel. There was dessert there. It was okay. Also, in Washington weed is legal. Let’s just say, weed is legal.....

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