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The actual convention

Today kicks off the meat of the convention. When we vote on the platform and resolutions. I’ve read the full platform submitted by the committee. I dig it, I suspect there will be debate over it though. The resolutions, however, that’s where the drama will come in. There are several that want to strip any superdelegate of party support if they don’t support Sanders. That’s, controversial. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The call to order happens in 40 minutes, let the politics and democracy happen!

9:02 - The call to order is officially late, but the delegates are still filing into the room. I can report that the shunning has been lifted. There are limited delegate seats, though, so we are being forced to sit next to each other. It’s awkward.


00:07 the following day - I couldn’t even y’all I just couldn’t. We spent the whole day on a vanity vote to endorse Sanders, vote for electoral college electors (I don’t think 99% of the people running even knew how that process worked), and then 10 minutes on the actual platform. Then I had a lot of alcohol.

There has been a lot of talk over how well the party will unify. It has been contrasted to 2008. It’s really freaking different to 2008. I don’t know how well we’ll unify. I’m not sure I care at this point. The bern or bust people are our tea party. Look at how well that’s worked out for the GOP...

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