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Trainings, committee meetings, and caucuses--oh my!

Here we go!

9:50 - To kick off the day I’m starting off at a new delegate training. It should be full of tips and information.


10:00 - I’ve learned that the best way to get a couple seats to myself is proudly wear a Clinton button. I’m very out numbered by Sanders supporters and even in very full rooms you can tell the Clinton supporters by the empty space around them. We’re being shunned y’all.

10:25 - we basically just spent 20 minutes with people asking questions about how things work when the answer was “the same way at every other caucus and convention you had to attend to get here”


10:30 - okay now it’s Roberts Rules training. Paying more attention now.

11:00 - during training it was mentioned that resolutions come last. It’ll be late. We can motion to adjourn and those leftover resolutions will be sent to state committees to finish considering. ... Oh. My. God. The outrage.


To anyone not following WA politics there are some ... interesting... resolutions coming this weekend. I suspect there may be drama. At 2am. When we can’t adjourn.

11:20 - now they’re talking about how the campaigns are cutting the lists of people running for national delegate from thousands to dozens. They’re angry. Probably going to blame the dnc.


Noon - Lunch time! Getting a sandwich at a nearby cafe, mobbed with fellow delegates, alternates, and guests. I’ve so far heard people discuss how they’ll vote for Jill Stein, Trump, and seen people silently roll their eyes at those people. Still waiting on my sandwich.

12:05 - Sandwich arrived. It’s awesome. I’m now surrounded by people in Bernie shirts. I have a table to myself. The Clinton supporter shunning continues even in a crowded cafe. It’s only a button! I won’t poke them with it.


12:50 - back to the convention center. Still a little over a half hour until the caucus I opted to attend (women yo), but I might duck into the platform committee meeting. Right now I’m just eavesdropping on conversations.

Some very enthusiastic Sanders supporters here. Someone just walked by with a half-size knitted Bernie. Clothed. You could take the clothes off, though. I wonder if it was knitted to be anatomically correct. I should track her down and ask. I’ll take the #hillyes button off first.


13:00 - someone just walked by with *another* knitted Bernie. This time just the top half. Is this a thing? Did the campaign distribute patterns? How much time did it take?

13:20 - hid my button for a minute and had a rational discussion with a Sanders supporter. I don’t think they realized I was supporting the devil. I walked away when they started talking about how Sanders needed to run a 3rd party campaign.


13:30 - Time for the women’s caucus meeting. Still 2 minutes until it starts, but there are only 3 of us in the room. Not going to lie, I’m going to leave if it’s not interesting. There is a cool glass museum in town that I really want to check out. I’m sure I can make it political some how. Only look at the blue glass or something.

13:30 - realized I read the schedule wrong, women’s caucus isn’t until 14:30, I’m meant to be at a grassroots organizing session right now. Oops.


13:40 - was late and ended up in the state party session instead. Gonna find out how the party works. I assume there will be talk of hazing, initiation, ceremonies, and other crazy stuff. Maybe at the end I can find out how to join the establishment.

14:00 - man stands up and angrily asks how the state decided who in the state in a superdelegate. Mutters go throughout the room. The answerer is being very reasonable.


14:02 - why does Washington use a caucus rather than a primary. The people who muttered over superdelegates just got upset over this. They don’t seem in favor of primaries. Why?

14:06 - asking about remaining national delegate elections. That person was not in the session I was in earlier. I wonder if I’m about to see outrage again.


14:12 - only slight outrage. Have learned that Clinton cut her potential delegate list to 76 (from ~500) and Sanders will cut his to ~100 from around 2k. He’s doing a much better cutting job.

14:15 - people are still annoyed that only men were elected as national delegates for Clinton at the Congressional caucus level. No duh. That pissed a lot of people off. Especially the ones who spent money to campaign before being told day of that they had no chance.


14:17 - they followed ignoring that outrage by once again talking about how the Democrats focus on gender equality. I’m laughing.

14:19 - they’re just asking Seattle questions now. I don’t live in Seattle. I’m outtie. Time to actually attend that women’s caucus.


14:27 - I’m actually at the women’s caucus at the correct time! The room is filling in now. I’m still perfectly willing to flee if I’m bored and check out the glass museum though. I have no womanly pride, and lots of museum love. Plus it’s over 3 hours until the evening events start. I could go museum, then get fancied up, then go mingle with the fancy movers and shakers.

14:29 - some people talked to me! And then they moved to another table after seeing my Hillary sticker. WTF is up with the shunning? Was there a memo?


14:33 - The women’s federation secretary (I think?) is talking. When talking about the federation website url the chair said “google it”. Oh my.

14:34 - I feel that we’re basically going to have candidates talk to us. I see a museum in my future.


14:45 - Listening to people talking about gun control. It’s something I’m passionate about, but at the same time, I was hoping for more from the women’s caucus. Why do women need to be the standard bearers of gun control? We have so many causes that are far more directly applicable to women and so little time.

14:50 - I think I’m done with the caucus. Museum time, then galas. I’ll recap the galas tonight after them, not quite in a live fashion. Then tomorrow, it’s convention time. I expect drama. I have a camera. If there are chairs thrown...well it will probably be the Clinton side (we’re outnumbered), but I will call them out on it. And I’ll film it. And I’ll shame them. But I’ll be there for it! If anyone has actually read this, I’d love to know :).

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